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First post struggling with what to do next. Any advice is welcome please

So this is my first post and im unsure what to write, wanting advice maybe. Im 26 and ive always had heavy periods but nothing too concerning. Ive always been on some form of contraceptive but i had my copper coil removed almost 4 years ago. My boyfriend and i have never used protection during sex and i have never got pregnant. Although we havent actively tried should i be concerned? All of my friends are pregnant or had babies and “got caught” by missing one pill etc but it doesnt seem to be happening for us. I have bought ovulation tests and although i havent taken them religiously for a month or so every odd one ive taken has always been negative, could i have PCOS and not be able to get pregnant at all? I am overweight which is why ive put off going to the doctors as i know they will just send me away until im the ideal weight range. I am trying, ive lost 2 1/2st so far with another 4 1/2st to go, can anyone give me any guidance or advice? Im hiding the fact that it isnt bothering me and im acting like “oh we havent got pregnant because we havent actively tried” but i think 4 years on no contraception is a long time :/. Any advice welcome, i feel at abit of a crossroads at the moment and not sure what to do. My boyfriend is very supportive and says no matter what the outcome we will get through it, im just really struggling. I just know there must be something wrong with me and i worry if its PCOS or if im just infertile full stop. :(

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1/3 of fertility issues are men so it may not be you with the issue. Ovulation kits are very unreliable for pcos ladies so may be worth looking at the fertilityfriends website to check for signs of ovulation (as a period doesn't mean you are ovulating and you can ovulate without one too which is nice and straight forward!!) It is extremely rare not to conceive just due to pcos so try not to worry, it could just be that your tubes are blocked and need flushing or that your partners wrigglers are not as good as hoped (my hubbie went on the Boots Vit C and zinc tablets as his sperm was awful, lots of dead and two tailed, but it improved by over a 100% in a year so may be worth putting your partner on those as a precaution.

Your BMI needs to be below 30 to qualify for fertility assistance (mine was 30.6 when I conceived). Well done on the weight loss though as that is a massive achievement as it can be very slow going.


I had the exact same problem as you, but I finally decided to go to the doctors, at first they said it’s probably because I’m overweight but then they done a hormone blood test and today I found out that I do have POS.. I definitely recommend going to the doctors and asking for a hormone blood test, I hope everything goes well for you


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