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Yasmin pill

Hi ladies,

I need some advice please.

After having irregular periods I was sent to see a Gynaecologist. I had the pelvis and transvaginal ultrasound and finally got diagnosed with PCOS. They told me my womb lining was very thick and I had to have a Hysteroscopy to have a biopsy (checking for cancererous cells) and also to help remove some of the lining. The biopsy test results were clear. My next two periods were heavy (I was told this would happen). Then the next couple of periods were irregular again mainly just spotting.

I saw my GP and I was given the Yasmin pill. At first my 'fake periods' were 3-4 days long. Then the next couple of months it was 2 - 2 and half days long. My last one was only a day and a half. I'm quite worried about it all and I'm concerned that I'm not having a proper bleed to thin the womb lining. Is this normal on the pill? (Its nearly coming up to one year since I had my Hysteroscopy) I did briefly mentioned it to my GP last time and she said 2 and a half days 'fake bleed' is ok and its not a real period and Yasmin is used to control heavy bleeding in women. (I don't have heavy bleeds). She wasn't really listening to me at the time.

Should I be worried? Is this normal? Should I have another transvaginal ultrasound to check the womb lining now and if so, what should I say to persuade my GP?

Many thanks for your advice ladies!

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It can take 6 months or more for the pill to settle down, you are having a bleed so will be shedding the lining so dont worry about that. Some ladies only bleed for a day, some much longer so it does vary.


Hi Hols969,

Thanks for your reply. I have been on Yasmin pill for about 8 months (before that I was on Gedarel for 2 months but I had big clots during my bleed and constant excruciating headaches day and night so I came off it). My last bleed a few days ago was a light-regular flow and it lasted 4 days. Is this normal when I've been on Yasmin for a good 8 months?

I've also noticed that when I'm having a hot flush during a period, the flow of the bleed can turn more heavier - is this normal? Is this the progesterone doing it? (I don't have any children and I am 39 yrs old).

Also, I needed some advice - is it normal for ladies with PCOS to have an annual pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound to check everything is ok? Can I request one from my GP?

Its coming up to a year since I had my Hysteroscopy and Ultrasound - I get quite a bit of pain in my left ovary. My last ultrasound showed that the left ovary was quite enlarged with multiple cysts.

I'm just a little bit worried and need reassurance that everything is going the right way!

Thanks for advice.


Once you are diagnosed that's it usually as cysts can come and go as only a symptom and can often confuse matters if the cyst go so I wouldn't worry. Is the pain only when you have your period? There is a link between pcos and endometriosis- pain is generally more associated with endo, it isn't uncommon to have both either

Yasmin should start to settle down, I'm on it and periods are usually 4 days (think I'm hitting the menopause tho!)


Hi Hols 969,

Thanks for your advice - you've been a great help even better than my GP! The pain can be a week or two before I'm due on my period or it can also be up to two weeks after my period as well. It comes and goes, its worst when bending forward or sitting up can be uncomfortable too. Its been bad for the last few days but seems to be settling down a bit now.

When you first started taking Yasmin, did you experience any 'hot flushes' before and during your period?



Yes hot flushes during the week off which seems to be getting worse - I take 2 months of yasmin on the trot (would do 3 but kept spotting) as it reduces it further.

May be worth getting checked out for endo as well


Hi Hols969,

Yes I will try and ask my GP. I rang for an appointment but she is on holiday for the next 2 weeks!

Do they check for endo with another ultrasound? I had this same pain last year too when I had my ultrasound just before I had the Hysteroscopy and biopsy - do you think they would have checked for endo too?



No sadly endo can only be diagnosed by a laparoscopy. There is an endo forum on here so perhaps chat with ladies that have the condition to see what they think about the symptoms.


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