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I am 27 and suffering with bad pcos symptoms . My acne and hairs are getting worse . I have been offered yasmin or dianette . Will these help with symptoms. I now have no periods and have loads of cysts . Could this help get rid of some cysts to help fertility in the future potentially ? Does it work like that . Been told il likely need help to conceive . I'm single though so not a bother at the moment .

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  • I have tried both, and they both help curb hair growth on the face. Diannette is more effective but the NHS is reluctant to give it out to those in their 30s or smokers because of the blood clot risk. I would give it a try. Another important thing to establish is whether you're insulin resistant, which most PCOSers are. If you have blood sugar fluctuations or get hypoglycemia you might be.... if you are, metformin is an incredibly effective at regulating your periods and bringing about ovulation, and can be taken for life. Suggest you start the conversation with your doctor. Many of us had to go private to find doctors willing to prescribe, but it's worth trying the NHS first. Good luck!

  • I was on dianette when I was about your age (didn't know I had PCOS at the time). When I changed GPs the new GP was horrified I had been on it for over 12 months because of the other potential health effects. It's worth having a good chat with your GP about that one of you choose to go with it x

  • Im on yasmin and been on it for years (been on the combined pill for 25 years including marvelon and dianette) and it will definitely control the symptoms.

  • In my experience.. I've been on dianette for over a decade and that hasn't changed my cysts. But it helped regulate my periods and reduce acne.

    However I'm seeing a new specialist in PCOS and she confirms that you can eliminate the symptoms by controlling your insulin levels/ sugar levels through food and medication such as metformin and glycobay. She had provided sandrena for moods (if required) and told me to heal my gut through pro and pre-biotics. My symptoms are better after a few months.. but I'm still on my journey. So maybe others might have better advice.

    For hair, laser has been the answer for me and after 8 sessions on my fave and arms (I'm dark skinned and dark haired) I've been hair free for over five years. My facial hair has been removed for nearly a decade, with just two top up sessions after 5 years (but that was not essential, just preferred) you can get discounts for lasers with a doctor's note about your pcos.

  • Where did you go to get a discount with a doctors note Mnat

  • There are quite a few places that offer a 10% discount. London laser clinic is one. You can ask them.

    But I didn't use the discount, as I wanted a clinic closer to work. Sk:n is currently doing an unlimited laser offer for a year for £1000. I used this and did my whole body, which is excellent value.


    It also meant I could do one area 8times where the hair was more coarse

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