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1st fertility appointment - what to ask?


Hi everyone

We have our first appointment with the fertility consultant on Tuesday and I want your tips on what questions to ask her!

I was told I had pcos after a ultrasound scan and blood tests before Christmas and have already seen a gynaecologist to find out more about treatment - I'm on metformin and had my first natural period in 9 months after a couple of months taking it, and know we'll need a HSG and semen analysis before hopefully having Clomid.

Any advice on what to expect and questions to ask much appreciated!

Thanks 😊

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Is your partner going with you to the appointment? All I would say is that you need to feel like you are moving forward as there is nothing worse than being fobbed off to keep trying.

The other thing that would have been useful is to track your temperature as it is the only way to see if we are ovulating (you don't need a period to ovulate and a period doesn't mean you do. fertilityfriends website is good to track your temperature and to find out bodily signs to look for too.

Write everything you can think of and ask away - find out when the hsg test will be and sperm test (1/3 of fertility issues are now men so it may well be that your partner has issues)!

Good luck let us know how it goes

FakeHappy in reply to Hols969

Thank you so much for your reply. We're assuming my husband fine as we conceived quickly before although we had a miscarriage, and he's fit and healthy though obviously we'll need the sperm test to confirm. Yes he is coming with me! I've started tracking my temperature and already log periods and symptoms so hopefully that will help 😊

Hols969 in reply to FakeHappy

oh brilliant yes that should help so take it all with you. Good luck xx

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