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First Appointment


Hey Everyone my name is Paige, I'm 23 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was around 14. I've been with my partner for nearly 5 years. I came off the DEPO contraception in May 2016. We have been TTC for 2 years now with no luck. I've only had a few periods in the last 5 years.

We have our first appointment tomorrow, I feel very nervous. I am going but I would love to start a family now as I want to give myself the best chance.

What should I except them to say tomorrow?

Take care xx

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You must make sure you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy so ask the GP for something to force a bleed.

First appointment they tend to go over old stuff and they may schedule you in for a laparoscopy to check that your tubes are clear and also your partner will need a sperm test as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men.

One thing I would stress is make sure you feel as if you are moving forward after tomorrows appointment (make sure your partner goes as well), in some ways your age is against you because they will still class you as very 'young' (our egg quality lasts better for longer so pcos ladies can conceive much later - I was 36 when I conceived Noah.

The depo injection is horrific from a pcos point of view so in the future don't go back on that!!

Ideally as your periods have not been regular you should request a smear test too just to check all is ok down their.

Make sure you stress that you have already been trying for 2 years so that they cant then say you need to try for longer.

Look at the NICE guidelines on PCOS as well as it shows what to expect from the NHS with regard to PCOS too so that you know this prior to the appointment so you can refer to it if need be. Be confident in telling them you want to move to the next stage whatever that may be, further tests I would have thought.

Good luck

Hi Paige, I wonder how you got on at your first appointment? I have mine next month and I have been wondering the same. ( what to expect ask etc ) I got diagnosed in January this year with Pcos I think deep down I knew I had pcos as most of the woman in my family have it. Xx


It went better than I thought to be honest. They answered all of the questions I had and were very welcoming and said that they would love to help me.

They explained that I will need to lose abit of weight 5kg and my partner would need to lose 7kg.

Make sure you are immune to Rubella, clear of chlamydia and have been trying for a few years.

I have been booked it for a scan to check my ovaries, I will have an internal scan to that my tubes aren't blocked.

My next appointment is in December where they will discuss what to do next. I think they will offer me medication.

Please tell me how you get on with your meeting. Write things down so you don't forget what to say xx

Thank you for getting back to me :) I will keep you updated once I have had my appointment :) xxx

Hello Paige,

Your story is something I can relate to. How did you get on today? I hope it was good news.

I had a referral back in 2009 when I was just 22. Like you I knew it would take a very time to conceive so wanted to get the ball rolling as soon as. Well, that appointment didn’t go great. I got screened by a nurse who said I needed to lose 3 stone. And that was the end of that. Discharged, no further advice and it was heartbreaking at the time.

Last year I plucked up the courage to try and get a new referral- to my surprise went very smoothly. I was again screened by a nurse (who this time was very nice unlike the last lady we had seen all those years ago), but this time I got to see a consultant. I still had some work to do on my weight and was sent away, but this time for some very good advice and an action plan. The consultant even admitted that the rejection for the last time I tried for treatment was actually because of my age, not my weight!! A little bit of honesty at the time would have been nice.

If your appointment didn’t go the way you hoped, please don’t loose faith or give up hope. Continue to look after yourself so that you are in a position to go back as soon as you are able.

Let us know how you got on, keeping everything crossed for you that today was a positive experience xx


Oh wow what a story. I was worried about my age aswell, however I am 24 in a few months and they didn't mention my age.

I am under the 30 BMI so I was advised to lose another 5kg as I'm on a slimming world diet.

I think my appointment went well and I've already been sent a letter for a scan on my ovaries.

I know this process will be very stressful and time consuming but worth it xx

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