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Doses given for Metaformin, Aldactone and Combination birth control pills or patches

Hi, my daughter’s consultant will be recommending to her doctor that she is put on either a combination birth control pill or patches plus Metaformin. I’ll be attending the appointment with her so I just wanted to make sure that I was briefed on what the usual dose is for each of the medication. I’d be grateful for any advice on what the usual doses are. I know things may vary for individuals so not expecting a definitive answer.

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Meant to type metformin!


While I remember can I also ask if there are brands of medication that are better than others. For instance I have Sjogrens and had to work hard to make sure I got a quality version of the hydroxychloroquone sulfate tablet I take. I was being fobbed off with cheaper versions which had tablet padding that disagreed with me. I wondered if the same applied to Metformin and spironolactone. So any info on brands would be welcome.


I've been taking 500 mg metformin since the start of the year and just got my periods back after going about 9 months without one! Previously on yasmin /Dianette contraceptive pills which I believe kept the pcos at bay as I conceived quickly, although it didn't last.


Suggest Yasmin as a combined contraceptive. She should not be put on metformin unless she has been tested for insulin resistance as it is primarily a diabetes drug. It can help ladies with pcos who are IR tho but she should be tested first.

I am not familiar with the patches so cannot comment.


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