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It's not all bad news

Hi there,

Just joined. I just wanted to say some of the things that have really helped my pcos and my general health.

I'm luck enough to have to young boys, both conceived after taking metformin.

I've taken up running! Something I never ever thought I would be able to do, I was always last at any school race, but I joined a local couch to 5k group (there is also a free nhs app). And you only have to able to run for 60 seconds and by the end of the programme you can run for about 30-40 minutes! I completed my first 10K last year something I thought I never do.

Over winter I've been poorly with one thing or another. Not been running and feeling tired when I woke up. I thought it was the early mornings with my kids (despite my husband getting up with them most days). It turns out I was vitamin D deficient. I've been taking a vitamin D spray everyday and I feel so much. So then i started taking magnesium and B6. Again this has got rid of aches and pains. A 'quick google' suggest that PCOS sufferers can be deficient in many important vitamin and minerals so I suggest take a supplement.

With a few small changes. Walking a little bit more, or just a vitamin everyday. You can slowly but surely start to feel better. Also check it with you doctor as this change year by year. Apparently you should also get checked for cholestrol.

Good luck x

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