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I have regular periods (just with some spotting before each one), but hormone levels and a scan have confirmed PCOS. I've been TTC, and tracking cervical mucus. Ovulations kits and the temp thing have just never worked for me. If the mucus varies as you would expect, does that confirm ovulation?

The day 21 blood test seems to peek at 28. No idea what this means.

Also... does anyone know what the likelihood of conceiving naturally is?? Is it even possible?

Any input would be appreciated, it feels like a very sad and lonely place right now.

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Yes lots of ladies conceive naturally - you are correct OPK's dont work for pcos ladies, if you are familiar with your own body then yes I would go by the mucus signed, we tend to ovulate later than the norm as well. Has your partner been tested as well yet?


Thanks for the reply! He's not been tested, and I'm keen to stave off anything that's not a 'natural' route as yet.. it's very early days.


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