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Heartbroken with PCOS and possibly not ovulating with crazy spotting

Hi ladies, my first time on here and I literally feel like crap and just don't know what to do anymore. My entire life I was completely healthy and used to have a period every 3 and a half weeks until I got to 23. I ballooned in size, my hair started thinning, I had facial hair and my periods had become irregular. I am now 28 going to be 29 in 6 months. I've been married for 3 years and have been TTC ever since. I'm from an Asian background and they expect you to pop as soon as you're married. I've had to deal with horrible aunts at weddings and events asking what happened to me as I used to be so slim and make me feel like a circus freak. They constantly say im not pregnant coz I'm fat. I have been pushing my gp for answers as I'd become fed up with either no period or super heavy ones or spotting that would go on for 6 weeks which they'd always prescribe noretherzone for. I had an external ultrasound years ago and they said they'd found nothing but my blood results showed I was insulin resistant so I pushed and pushed and finally met with a gyno 9 months ago who wasn't very helpful and made me cry. After 8 years of being lost he finally confirmed with an internal ultrasound that I had PCOS and was insulin resistant. My right ovary is enlarged and I have cysts on both. My only concern was whether I ovulate or not to which he replied to pretend everything was frozen and focus on weight loss not babies. I was heart broken. I met with him yesterday and have lost 4kg. He prescribed me metformin for 6 months and did another ultrasound and randomly came out with "I don't think you ovulate" with no explanation, he discharged me and advised I see my gp for fertility treatment which broke my heart. All my husband and I want is a baby. I've had him tested and his sperm count is low but ok for IVF apparently. I've read forums on here and put him on Vit c and zinc tabs. I just feel like my life's over and have no idea what to do. I have struggled with my weight for the past 7 years now and am sick of all my relatives and friends asking why I'm not pregnant yet. I am so frustrated with spotting that doesn't stop from being emotional and from feeling like I'll never have a baby.can anyone help me or relate? Are there any tests to deffo confirm I don't ovulate as strips won't work because I'm irregular. Also what treatments and steps are out there if I don't ovulate. I just don't know what to do anymore. I am completely disheartened and feel like it's over for me.

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What is your BMI currently ? If it is below 30 (mine was 30.6 when I conceived) then you should be referred to fertility as sometimes we need a little help to see if your tubes are blocked etc, they can also zap the cysts on your ovaries which increases the chances. Yes to the Vit C and Zinc and snack on any seeds with zinc (pumpkin does I think) in them as they will make a massive different, my hubbies improved by over 100% in a year after taking them)

Look at fertilityfriends website so that you can learn how to take your temperature and what your body signs will be as you dont need a period to ovulate so dont get focused too much on your period (mine were relatively regular but I rarely ovulated).

Stick to low GI type diet so cut out all white carbs as they make the symptoms worse. The other thing to consider is reflexology - I had it between my two IUI sessions once a week and my period arrived to the hour which hadnt happened before - Noah is now 12 :-)


Thank you, so much for replying, means a lot. I think my BmI is 44. I told you I was a healthy weight and over the years I've ballooned and most of it is around my tummy. In the past I've really struggled with weight loss and doesn't happen so quickly no matter how hard I try. I've ordered a thermometer to check my temp daily. I'll do this when I start my metformin and I'm worried about the inostol as it's sachets and I can only just about swallow tablets! Anyone know if there's a tablet version.

I'll look in to reflexology, do you know roughly how much a session is n where the best place in London to go is?


Hi Ami_Rzq,

Im not sure how much my advise will help you but I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16, now 20. I went to see my GP 4 months ago and she had a meeting with a gynaecologist . The gyno recommended that I take a supplement called inofolic which helps woman to ovulate and get pregnant but as I’m not ttc she said it’ll help my body prepare for when I want to. This supplement is very easy to take and is available to order online although it’s a little pricey 😬 I’m not a medical doctor but ask your GP about this as it’s relatively new. Also my GP advised me to lose weight as it’ll help the process.

I’m sorry to hear about ur relatives and friends but don’t worry, stay patient and focused we’re here to support you :))

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Hi my love, the gyno recommended for me to take inofolic too but I'm worried because it's sachets you mic with liquid. Is there not a tablet form. I will take this with metformin for 6 months.


Hi I understand your feeling, keep up with the eight loss tis will help, try reflexology keep away from negative family that will not help


Hi, I know how you feel.

I am a PCOS sufferer too. Suffered from no ovulation and on and off spotting every few months. I went to see my gynae during my spotting and manage to capture the polycost ovarian Picture.

I went to see a fertility specialist in 2015 and undergo ICSI (an advanced IVF treatment) and got my first child. I paid a bit for ICSI but I think it definitely worth it. During the treatment, my eggs was harvested and dr regulated my hormone with some pills and injection. And I finally did it.

Please don’t feel disappointedmy dear. There are ways to help PCOS sufferer to get a baby. My suggestion is do the ICSI asap when you are young so that your chances of getting pregnant is higher.

P/s the ICSI process was manageable and it is not as scary as what we thought. Just relax and let the dr assist us.

Hope this message help u a bit.


Hi hun, did they not offer other things to aid ovulation like clomid or injections? Also your BMI is probably very good. I'm very overweight so I don't think they'd offer me fertility support. Did you go private or on NHS?


Hi again. My BMI is ard 24. I went to the private setting cause I didn’t wanna wait for too long. Btw, I am a Malaysian.


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