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PCOS Pains


Hey, does anyone else experience pain with PCOS? I have awful pains in my lower back and it travels to my hip/groin area and just wanted to see if anyone else has had the same.

Thanks! 😊

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I do!!! I get random twinges all the time. I also always have severe backpain! Xxx

Ahhh I'm pleased it's not just me (not that I'm happy you also have pains 😫). I just wasn't sure if it was a PCOS thing or something unrelated!

I would also let a gp know! They might need to run a few tests!

Thanks! I did late last year and they didn't seem concerned, just prescribed me some naproxen. But they also didn't know if it was PCOS related or not so might speak to them again! Xx

Ushm in reply to Allthingsivf

I get this too especially on my period but I also have endometriosis. Worth getting a full scan to see if you have endo too. Xx

Yes I get this, also glad I am not the only one aswell. I get it around the time I start my period so about a week before.I find that a hot water bottle on my lower back really helps, especially when im going to sleep :)

Anonymous29 in reply to MK97

Thanks for replying! I don't get periods atm so who knows what's causing it 🤦🏻‍♀️ x

It sounds like ovulation pain. Work out when you are getting the pain and it will probably turn out to be midway through your cycle. For me, how much and how long the pain lasts depends on which ovary is releasing the egg. Paracetamol is all you can do to help when gets really bad. Otherwise, consult your GP to rule out anything else. Take care.

Anonymous29 in reply to Vich81

Hey, thanks for the reply. I'm not currently getting periods so I'm not sure if it could be ovulation? I am going to speak with my doctors again though, they prescribed naproxen for the pain but something even that doesn't work x

Yes! I get quite a bit of lower back pain, sometimes predictable and sometimes not but always bad with my period. Also get lots of twinges in the pelvic area, usually on one side so guessing that’s related to ovaries. These tend to be more sharp although it can feel like a dragging/twisting feeling too. I also get an achy leg/groin and hip from time to time which really interferes with sleep, again it’s a dull ache rather than a sharp shooting pain but often just on my left side. It can feel twitchy/restless too like I’ve got to ‘kick it out’ until it goes away. No idea if this is a PCOS thing or unrelated but it’s quite draining when it leaves you feeling so tired after a rubbish night’s sleep. I just take lots of painkillers and have a hot water bottle and it helps a bit but clearly isn’t a cure.

Dogruff in reply to erable

That was like reading back what I experience! All I can add to that is sometimes I can feel like my hip joint is being crushed but it is possible it isn’t being crushed as I have a rather large cyst on one of my ovaries that is causing a lot of problems and needs removing.

Anonymous29 in reply to erable

Yeah this is exactly the same other than I don't get periods atm! My doctors didn't seem concerned so maybe it is just another awful PCOS symptom 🤦🏻‍♀️

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