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Af visit twice this month, but not a long visit both times

my afs have appeared twice this month and less than a week on both occasions.

I've never had an af twice in a month before. They were about two or three weeks apart. The first was around the 1st of this month n that was only for a few days and the second time was on my brother's wedding day n that was only for a couple of days.

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The joy of pcos!! Some ladies bleed constantly, there is no fixed AF with pcos as it varies from person to person.


That's true hun. I was with my ex when I first realized that something wasn't quite right with my afs as I'd stopped taking the pill cerezette (I'm rubbish at spelling some words hun) in the april of 2013 and my afs reappeared in the December of the same year only problem was is that they were really really light and wouldn't stop. I ended up having to make an appointment to see the lady doctor who was a qualified women's health doctor as I'd explained to the receptionist what was wrong and she made me an appointment with the lady doctor who was really nice and understanding. She booked me in for loads of different tests, but I had to see the male doctor who was also the main GP at the surgery, but he was nice as well.

The only thing I didn't like was when I had to see a female gynaecologist at the local hospital after I'd left my ex (as I'd gone to stay with my middle sister. It's a long story hun) as both the lady gynaecologist and the nurse were both trying (and failed) to force me to have the coil fitted (I had the hospital appointment before I met my fiance) and I kept on refusing to have it done.

I wasn't actually officially diagnosed with PCOS until 2014 as I found out off my previous GP that I was actually diagnosed with PCOS in 2013 and I'd told the doctor that I was never told that I had PCOS.

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