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Maybe PCOS

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So I just found out I have cysts on my ovaries, the dr isn't really sure what it is but said it could be PCOS. Waiting to be referred now, I know I didn't ovulate last month but dr is referring me which is good all others have ignored me largely when I've asked about spotting or longer periods. Had 2 miscarriages now and now trying to conceive but no luck so far, been over a year. I think my periods are irregular, there certainly not every 28 days.

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Mine are-were the same but I got put on metformin which helped but I'm still trying and no luck yet its been a year and a half good luck hun - xx

Thank you, you too. it was a bit of a shock yesterday to be honest but I'm hoping for some form of diagnosis, my symptoms aren't too sever just annoying that waiting lists are really long at the moment, might consider going private. Thankfully my dr now is more helpful and actually referring me and doing things, theres always hope but its easier said than done to actually see that sometimes. xx

I had to go private for a diagnosis as the NHS kept saying I had endometriosis but I knew I had pcos as I had all the symptoms was well worth going private honestly xx

Try to make sure you know when your periods are. I have a fit bit and I track it on the app and can give you an estimated ovulation date. When your periods are irregular, then it doesn't help. Just keep trying past the ovulation window. It took me over a year each time to conceive and like you also had miscarriages. All would recommend is keep trying, I'm 37 now and had a bit of time off to find out what the issue could be..they found holding off just wasted time. I'm early pregnant now, had an early scan and saw a heartbeat.. which is a good sign so far...all the luck!

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Congratulations! Im hoping to get some answers soon which may help in getting us there. there is hope 😊

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