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Not sure if i got pcos

Hello ladies;

I am 26 years old, been on yaz pills for 9months and planning to stop this month.

My periods were always regular even after pills but the laat 3 periods were very heavy and i am bleeding the whole month!

Dr diagnosed me with pcos as scan showed but i am confused! On the nhs website it says that pcos cause light period and hair growth but i don't have any of these. So so u advice me to seek another opinion? Or this is pcos what i got? And also, i want to get pregnant, i am not overweight and fit. So any tips or supplements to help me get pregnant fast?

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No not necessarily - periods vary massively between pcos ladies, I had relatively regular periods but rarely ovulated (as a period does not mean you are ovulating). Not all ladies have all symptoms, some ladies have no symptoms only cysts on their ovaries (which are actually follicles and not cysts). Also because you are not overweight then this can help keep the symptoms at bay anyway.

I would look at the fertilityfriends website and start taking your temperature to find out if you are ovulating and the signs to look for.

Is your partner's diet etc good as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men, so I would make sure his diet is really good too.

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Thanks alot for your reply :) the doctor advised me to control my heavy periods 1st then consider pregnancy. So the advice is to switch to microganon pills (not sure abt the name as i don't hv them yet) as he said those pills are what perscribed in europe and have higher estrogen dose than yaz.

Honestly, i am very worried am not ovulating so can you inform me more about this website? What do i need to do?


I never knew about taking temperature when I was trying for Noah so don't know much about it but I know lots of ladies use it for predicting ovulation via taking your temperature which is the only accurate way to see if you are.

Yaz pill is a mini pill or a pop pill so not that good from a pcos point of view as doesn't control any of the symptoms whereas the microganon pill is a combined one which helps.

If you are wanting to get pregnant then it is a bit of a cop out by the GP to suggest going on a contraceptive in my view.

They can give you pills that will stop you bleeding constantly so I think you have been fobbed off a bit to be honest.

You won't be referred to fertility for 6-12 months of trying (and that is with a pcos diagnosis), if you are not diagnosed then you have to wait the standard 2 year. When you do start trying, only have sex every other day otherwise the sperm is not mature enough to swim to the egg.

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So i'll try to learn more about the temprature method, as it appears to be the only way to know. (Just checked that ovulation digital tests won't work with pcos)

And would you imagine that not my gp who advised me to do so! It is the consultant! :D


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