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Young, stressed, confused, cysts

Hello to everyone,

I am a 22 year old girl who has just joined this forum to seek information, advice and reassurance. 3 weeks ago i had sudden onset pain in my lower abdomen that i would describe as 10/10 pain. I was taken to hospital in which they thought it was my appendix so they operated and removed my appendix. After surgery I was told that it was a burst cyst that had bleed 100mls of free blood. They noted it down as a "chocolate cyst" these terms are very new to me. Just last week i had to get a check up which involved a pelvic ultrasound, I just got my results back today and it stated i have a 36mm right ovarian cyst that they said is an endometrionma. I have never been told i have endometriosis so i am very confused about this. My uterus and left ovary are unremarkable meaning neutral. it also states my endometrium is smooth and regular measuring 6mm. I really want to have kids in the future i do not want this type of cyst to stop it from happening. I am very scared, can someone please share some information about my results.

thank you in advance

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This is different to a pcos cysts which is a follicle and they disperse naturally back into the body. I would join an endo forum as they will be able to advise, I know a few ladies that have pcos and endo which is not uncommon and have conceived so don't worry until you have more information.


Thank you, about 1 year and a half ago I had a burst cyst but it was only fluid and absorbed back into the body. They also told me I have PCOS

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please don't panic, I know it doesn't feel like it but the world is not ending.


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