PCOS Cysts

I don't have PCOS but my partner does and she gets these really painful cysts around her groin area, nobody has helped her out (doctor wise), she's on no medication for it. I'm wondering if there's anyone who has this that can either give me some information on what helps this /what the treatment is for cysts down there or paste a link to another post on here regarding that. Thanks in advance for any replies!

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  • Is it on the bikini line area or actually within the groin area ? We can suffer from ingrowing hairs which then turn into boils rather than cysts though.

  • She does get some in bikini line area that may be chalked up to ingrown hairs but there's more further down on both sides that seem deep. I honestly feel like if a doctor cut her open there would be hundreds underneath we never see or feel.

  • Usually she only has 2 or 3 main ones that cause her trouble but right now she probably has 5-6 that are causing pain

  • Is she on the combined contraceptive or anything ? Getting her hormone levels back in line may help with them.

  • No she is on nothing for it. They just diagnosed her and then she's tried calling back for a follow up appointment and I'm not exactly sure what's happened but all in all they haven't got back to her. I was wondering if birth control would help with that.

  • I am not an expert on it but the boils could be caused by the imbalance of hormones, so if she goes on a combined contraceptive it keeps all the pcos at bay or at least more manageable - Ive been on yasmin on and off for 25 years and it keeps it under control so may be worth considering it. it also ensures she has the crucial 4 periods a year to keep her uterus healthy. It takes 3 months for the pill to settle though. I take 2-3 months on the trot which controls the symptoms further.

  • Thank you. I really appreciate the reply. Our health care system has been rather neglectful to her over the years. Upon mentioning this post I made and your response, she believes that when she was on birth control as a teen that she didn't recall having any cysts. Or if she did, it was like one and it wasn't so bothersome as opposed to 5+ excruciating ones. I think if nothing further happens with the gyno she may ask her family physician about whether it's possible to try it again. Thank you again

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