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Hi I am new to this but just have a some questions. I'm 17 years old and recently been diagnosed with PCOS. I am quite often in excruciating pain, and have been in and out of specialists and doctors. In a months time I am going in for a laparoscopy to find out if endometriosis is the problem. I'm just wondering if anybody knows anything that really helps with the pain because it's effecting my every day life. Also wondering if anybody knows if insomnia is related to PCOS or endo at all. For as long as I can remember I have had trouble sleeping. I can be up until 4 in the morning then getting up at 7 for the day. I'm always so exhausted through out the day but come night time and I'm wide awake again? Just curious if anybody knows if insomnia is linked with either of these problems. Thanks in advance

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Pcos and endo can go hand in hand some people dont know they have pcos and can go blissfully unaware others not so lucky. Im unsure about the insomina as it can be caused by multitude of things but i would say hormones play a vital role in sleep problems as i find my sleep is affected worse around period or ovulation but anything from stress to health or even something as simple as sensitivity to light and sound found my sleep improved after buying heavier curtains. Things also tend to be worse when your sleep deprived both mentally and health as you dont get the repair time for your body. I hope you get the help you need but unfortunatly its trial and error i find a combination of co-codamal, ibuprofen with pescription of cant spell them but maybe some else can metathic acid and terathanix acid which a doctor can perscribe if your suffering heavy bleeding but they may try with one to begin with fingers crossed it get a more managable 😊

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