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Hi i'm 30 years of age found out about 2 months ago i have pcos . this is completly shatterd me . i wont children so bad . me my partner been together 8 years . we decided its time to have family . so booked in to the doctors had loads loads of test . thats when found out i have pcos . but felt like i had my help or where to go next . i have no children so desperate to start my own family . i now feel this is never going to happen . with being 30 feel i dont have lot time left . i'm so confused stressed all i can do is cry all i think about is being pregnant starting family . i feel no one understand im on my own . people keeps tellin g me it will happen but dont think they understand . iv done so much research im going crazy . need any advice or help please

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  • Hey, sorry to sound like you've been really upset about your recent diagnosis. I keep an eye out on this feed as I got diagnosed with PCOS and feel this helps looking at people's experiences and advise. It's helping me a lot anyway! The people on here are great.

    The first thing people will say is that having PCOS does not mean you won't have kids so try not too worry about that! 😊it's the first thing people think about, but honestly it doesn't mean you can't. In fact from what I've seen it's the first thing people post about on here after they get diagnosed (like I thought when I was diagnosed!) but the first thing people correct! 🙂

    Many people with PCOS get pregnant naturally, and there are things that can be done if you do struggle. In regards to time frames I've heard our eggs last much longer than people without PCOS - so that's a bonus! 😊👍

    There isn't much info out there which doesn't help. But I got directed to the verity website which helped. And I'm sure others more experienced with PCOS will have some more wisdom for you too! 😊 it's a crappy thing to be diagnosed with, but please don't let it upset you too much. It's not the end all for having children. I hope it all goes ok for you x

  • thanks this has really helped to know women are going though the same thing as me . I have done so much research i find this just freaks me out more . this forum has helped just to be able to dicuss what im going though with people that understand . just wished that doctors could be bit more helpful . thanks xx

  • I know the pain. My doctor was also very Vauge..just got a "you have PCOS" and "carry on as normal and maintain a healthy weight!" And that was it! Apart from being told I can be refereed for fertility treatments after 10 months of trying, but that's a big IF. :) many women going trough the same stuff on here. And there are advise on diet but I've not looked into that too much personally.

    Yes it's extremely common. A lot of women have it. Any many have PCOS, have kids, and don't even know they have it! (My mother being an example who only found out she had it after the doc telling me it can be hereditary - turns out she does! :) ) x

  • Hi, I fully agree with Kicksy's advice, you still have a very good chance of getting pregnant and thousands of women get pregnant without even knowing they had PCOS. Doctors are pretty bad at giving any help or advice which makes diagnosis much more stressful then it should. I know two women with PCOS who are currently pregnant without fertility treatment. So even though its hard try not to worry too much. Verity's information packs are extremely informative and may help clear things up and get rid of some of the panic from your research! Following a low GI diet has helped me elevate a lot of my syptoms and I would recommend seeing a nutritionist! There are lots who specialise in hormonal conditions such as PCOS as even if there is not one near you nearly all of them will do Skype sessions! I know someone who after struggling immediately got pregnant after having acupuncture, with no need for fertility treatment. Good luck as try to stay as positive as you can. x

  • Our fertility stays better for longer so you have years before you need to listen out for the ticking clock. I was 36 when I conceived Noah 11 years ago. There is loads of help now for conceiving so get yourself referred to fertility. Generally they will check your tubes are ok and your partners sperm, are you in the UK ? If so check out the NICE guidelines as this advises what to expect from the NHS when you have pcos.

    It is pretty rare not to conceive just due to pcos so try not to lose hope as there is no reason why you wont conceive, you just may need a bit of help.

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