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Pcos help.

Hey has anyone struggled with conceiving with pcos? Been trying for a couple of years :( really disheartening with the negative tests. I was put on metformin for a few months but due to the side effects (toilet) I couldn’t take them anymore 😭😂has an appointment at fertility clinic recently and have been put on 5mg folic acid for a month and possibly more. Told to lose weight as bmi is also over. Anyone else been down this route and know what happens next? Or found anything that helps with getting pregnant?

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Hi Paigel,

Unfortunately having PCOS does make things complicated when ttc.

And I feel your pain! I’ve been ttc for 2 years with still no pregnancy :(

I’ve had tests which they may put you on to next - internal and external scan of uterus and HSG which sees if anything is blocked in your Fallopian tubes. And also monthly blood tests to show if ovulation has taken place (which for me showed that I wasn’t)

I’ve never been on metaformin but I am currently on my 5th round of chlomid at 100mg to help me ovulate. 50mg had no affect but the 100mg has helped me to ovulate but still no baby :(

My advice would be to eat the right fruit and veg (if you look online it tells you what people with PCOS should and shouldn’t eat) and do some exercise - good for the mind and body!!!

Good luck and hope you get that positive result soon!! X

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Thank you reading these stories seems to reassure me a little bit more and not to gice up up hope! Xx



Unfortunately pcos can cause problems with trying for a baby. But don't believe the hype about that pcos women can't my 3 are living proof. Don't lose heart and be kind to yourself rome wasn't built in a day getting pregnant is complicated and can make you stressed which is no good for your health or mental state . A healthy diet for both you and your partner as will help sperm quality. Losing a little weight can help I caught on 3rd after trying 4 years and I'd only lost half a stone before catching. But weight lose is hard with pcos. Good luck and stay positive x


Hey! I heard that ovarian drilling can help you become pregnant. It makes it easier for the eggs to be released and your period will be regular. It is a laparoscopic surgery. I was researching it for my daughter who has PCOS. She isn’t looking to have a baby, but she would like to aliviate some of the symptoms. Good luck!


I have three daughters. All ivf, NHS and I went to an organisation called foresight. I had to get really healthy and was treated as a diabetic to get the sugar levels under control. Just stay cool. It happens eventually, usually when you are not thinking about it. naturally, well that is not something I know about as I was 37 with dd1 and had the last one when I was 41. It was all about getting the cycles organised and preparation. Getting fit is important too as pregnancy is way easier if you are in good shape😎


It is really rare not to conceive just due to pcos. You will get there in the end but it is a pretty depressing time TTC, I remember it well as it took me 3 years to conceive Noah who is now 12 - I couldnt do it again!


I was put on metformin 12 years ago and came off because the side effects as you mentioned where way too much for me to handle. I switched to a whole foods plant-based diet and got my periods back same time every month. and my scan and blood result improved too. have you tried that?

I have 200+ free recipes if you want to check them out coconutandwhat.com


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