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Experiences with inositol

Hi everyone, I am just wondering if any of you take inositol to help with your pcos symptoms? I have read nothing but positive things about it on the internet regarding help with weight loss, acne, hair growth, ovulation, depression, sleep, EVERYTHING! So I began to take it about 2 months ago in the hope that it will get me ovulating and clear up my skin. I do have regular periods which I always saw as a positive but this month I have missed my period the the first time in about a year! I am not pregnant (have done about 5 tests now) and I am 5 days late - which isn't normal for me. It's completely thrown me off because if anything inositol is meant to help your periods come not go! I am just wondering if it's a nasty coincidence or if I am what it feels like the only one to have a bad experience with taking it. Any experience you guys have had with it would be greatly appreciated :)


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