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Need some help

Hey ladies it's good to know I am not alone. Well my story is kinda long, it all dtarted with me either having no periods for months or having really heavy ones. I have had a tests done 3/4 years ago which showed that my aderogen hormones are over the top so I have then been put on a pill called "Jenny". All this happened in Berlin before I moved to the UK. I have been getting really bad lower abdomen pain on and off and also backpain including really bad hair growth everywhere which until now makes me feel different in a bad way to others. Since I came to the UK i had 2 ultrasounds which were clear of anything apart from a 6mm angiomyolipoma benign tumour on my left kidney. i have also suffered from bedwetting on and off for 4 years now and the docs put me on different hormon control like Gedarel and Cerelle. I have been told by friends that it could be PSCO. Also zi do suffer from extreme mood swings, migrane and depression. Btw I am 16

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Pain generally isn't pcos but is more likely to be endometriosis - have you been checked for this (it needs to be checked via a laparoscopy to see if you have it, rather than scans). It is pretty common to have both pcos and endo.

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