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Ovarian cyst and laparoscopy

Hello. I just came in UK in October. My bf works here so i moved with him. I got my NiNO at the final of November. In December I found that i have an ovarian cyst for 7,5 cm and i'm not allowed to make effort so...i couldn't find a job. Doctors from the hospital told me that i need surgery (laparoscopy) and i want to ask what should i do. I don't have a health insurance, i didn't paid taxes yet, because i was unemployed. I just registered for a GP a few days ago. My question is if i can pay my insurance for like 2-3 months to do the surgery and how much it will be (approximate) if i'm 22 yo ? The insurance will cover half of surgery? I read on internet that is 2000£ without an insurance. Thank you !


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