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Simple Cyst Changes - SCARED!

So a few months ago I had an ultrasound due to random pains outside of my period. The scan revealed a 5cm Simple Cyst on my left ovary and it was recommended that I have a re-scan in 3 months. Well Friday I had that scan and got the results today to be told that it has grown slightly and also changed to a Multilocular cyst with at least 4 locules!! I am now being referred to a Gynacologist and have to have the blood test for ovarian cancer! I'm only 29!!

Safe to say I feel sick to my stomach not knowing and I hate waiting!

Has anyone else ever had this?

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its ok there's nothing to be worried about until you actually know, it could be nothing


These are proper cysts and not pcos cysts which are actually follicles.

Did you have regular periods over the years? as confused says, try not to worry, it may just mean you need an op to remove that cyst, the blood test for ovarian cancer will be a precaution so don't worry until you know as there is nothing you can do anyway, Keep busy xx

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No my periods have always been irregular & i have nearly every other symptom so I eventually was diagnosed with PCOS last November after a blood test.

Then cos I was getting pain they sent me for the scan which revealed the cyst so I had a follow up to check on it which revealed it had changed into this multilocular cyst.

Funny thing is I actually felt better than I had in ages until yesterday when I got the results. Now I can feel the pain again & just feel sick.

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If you need an op to remove the cyst, ask them to check for endometriosis as well as generally PCOS doesn't cause extreme pain but endo does and it isn't uncommon to have both - they think their is a link between the two but further studies are being done. The only way to check for endo is via a laparoscopy op as well so isn't easy to diagnose but if they are 'going in' then would be worth checking it checked out.

Make sure you have 4 periods a year. A lady contact me to say she had developed uterine cancer and she was positive it was because she didn't have many periods and her GP had never told her how crucial they were.

Now you are feeling fear which is totally understandable but the one good thing is that if it is something not so nice, you have caught it early (otherwise they wouldn't have left you for 3 months) so honestly breath deep and try not to worry - I am sure it will just be an overlarge cyst that needs removing (pcos cysts disperse back into the body, proper cysts don't and often need medical intervention).

Good luck, let us know how it goes xx

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Thanks Hun. I do have more than 4 a year. It's just that sometimes I can go 6/7 weeks without one.

I do feel some comfort in knowing that 3 months ago it was a simple cyst & nothing to worry about so like you say if it has changed to something nasty they've caught it nice & early. I think either way I want it out cos it causes me back pain aswell xx

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My bloods came back with a level of 8! So normal! I'm so relieved! Now just another 6 weeks til I see my gynaecologist


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