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Hi all, so after a year of waiting I had the surgery yesterday, they did the dye test and the ovarian drilling, they said my tubes and no problems and was completely clear, and they did the drilling of the left ovary, both ovary and the womb seems fine, and I have to do a follow up appointment in 6-8 weeks, now that all this has come back ok and I’ve had the drilling, what are the chances of me now conceiving.

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The drilling increases the chances of conceiving for the next 6 months, the cysts can then start to firm again. I presume your partner has been tested too?


Yes he’s been tested all is well with him.


Are you charting your temperature to see when you ovulate ?


I haven’t been Using the temp checks, i try to use the ovulation sticks.


They are unpredictable and can give false readings so if you are using them check bodily signs too (fertilityfriends will advise what they are)



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