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Polyistic & trying for a kid


Hi folks really need sum info I have recently been diagnosed with psos I missed 2 months of periods when we strayed tryin I was off contraception for a year before this an had regular periods I'm at the min waiting to be regained through nhs but donating on seein a consultant private.. Here in Northern Ireland.. I've been worried sick about this because I have biabetis & carry weight.. Can any of u give me some hope or is any of u in this same situation xx

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Hi dear,

First things first. Do not panic, having PCOS does not stop you from conceiving naturally. But based on experience depending on your weight, there is the need for a change in lifestyle so as to loss a bit of your weight.

Your Dr is in a position to provide you with the expert advise you need, so do well to ask him whatever question you might have.

Ps, I have pcos and I am pregnant with my second child -- all conceived naturally.

Livi2006 in reply to Zahara

Thanks I appericate your reply yes I am doing a lifestyle change Doug slimming world an Hopi h to loose weight.. Just don't no what to expect now when I am regained will I get a scan or medication.. I'm delighted someone like yourself is pregnant with this condition..

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