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Conceiving with pcos

I am 26 and have pcos. At the age of 15 I had prostap sr jabs once a month for 6 months to shut down my ovaries and took Livial HRT. I am not on any contraception and do take x3 metformin a day and do not have periods often (last one was August) I want to start trying for a baby but do not know the steps to take or if I can have them. I have heard of clomiphene too? Any help with what to do would be much appreciated.

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Hey! I'm 22.. I was 18 and I started same sort of injections but I had zoladex because I have endo & pcos I had mine every month for 9 came off them for 2 months and caught pregnant with my little girl unexpectedly! This was 3 years ago I've been trying ever since but no joy I went back to my gynocologist about a year ago now and they put me back on the injections for another 9 months and been off 2 but still nothing I go back 1st March to start a treatment to make me ovulate I have no idea what it is all I know it's for 2 weeks! The best thing I'd suggest you to do is to go back to your gynocologist and make a plan to get you started :) you might just need a kick start! x


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