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Hi guys in new to this forum so please be patient with me,

can somebody please give me some advice as I'm not able to get to the doctors as I'm working nights atm.

I'm currently 21, my periods have been regular until I was about 16 and the began to become slightly irregular.

However, I had not had a period for 6 months, I was due to have a blood test but I had a period just before and it was a very light period. 2 months later I have had another period and it is extremely heavy (bleeding through tampons and pads into clothes etc.)

I do have some bodily hair and I have began to gain weight since my periods became irregular.

Thanks Guys.

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Hey. I think you need to get to a doctor. Does sound like PCOS symptoms, but to get a diagnosis and know what you're dealing with you kinda need to be in the system. What you could do with asking for is a hormone level test as this will indicate if this is why your cycle is squiffy.


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