Hi all I have my scan on 7th December to find out why I keep miss carrying and as to why I haven't fallen pregnant again . I think I have PCOS and been reading up on it. Can anyone tell me more about the medication that can be given to help stimulate ovulation ? . It is not the scan which is worrying me it's the results and medication which is given to me.. I would appreciate any help and advice.. I am 22 in December. And have epilepsy x

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  • What are you taking for the Epilepsy? Some anticonvulsants (sp.?) can cause issues when being pregnant (or trying to become). What does your Nerologist say?

  • Hi thanks for your response I am on Keppra my neurologist hasn't been in contact with me about anything for over 6 months now .


  • How long have you been seeing your doctor?

  • The epilepsy specialist . Almost a year ..

    The doctor I'm under now just under 4 months .. I changed over from the useless ones to this one when I got married x

  • My doctor is in the Olney, MD location. Need to call for a refill on Monday this coming week.

  • Sorry I don't understand what you mean x

  • I need to get a refill of my anticonvulsants.

  • Oh sorry didn't know what you meant x

  • It's okay. How's your day going?

  • I have my scan tomorrow and nervous what it will show up :(

  • Hiya, I can only tell you what my situation was and see if that can trigger any questions you can ask your consultant. Whilst trying to fall pregnant and having diagnosis of PCOS they looked at weight management to get my periods back so I may conceive (you don't mention your periods and whether you have them). So I was put on metformin to manage my insulin needs which in turn made me lose weight which in turn bought about the one period I needed to conceive. Of course there were lots of other things I would suggest, diet management being a big on for me. I went gluten-free and swear by the properties of diarising your food intake so you can see what works and doesn't work for your body. I have also now cut my sugar dramatically to help with the insulin retention but, as the other replier talks about, your specific case with Epilepsy as well is something you need to research. Talk to your GP about the effects of those drugs you are taking and then make sure you are referred to a specficially PCOS related clinic for consultation. Too many GPs refer to infertility clinics when there are much better PCOS related consultants on offer.

    If you are in London, I attend UCLH's PCOS Clinic in the Reproductive Medicine Unit, in Euston/Warren Street and would highly recommend them.

    Good luck.

  • I have periods but extremely heavy ones .. To the point where I can't go out while I have them! I am in Manchester . I'm hoping something shows on my scan tomorrow. I am nervous about it .. And completely thinking the worst case scenario .. I am over weight and trying to lose some before if I get put on medication start taking them xx

  • I am producing eggs again and saw follicles .. My left ovary is clear so is my uterus .. However I do have a big cyst on my right overy which is why I'm in constant pelvic pain!!.. No cancerous mass present at all . I wasn't expecting to have an internal which did hurt and I was panicking .. Some good news and some hope .. Xx

  • Doctor has put pathological on the results though what does this mean he's got me all worried I got to go back in 6-8 weeks again for another internal scan . To see if the cyst has collapsed im thinking would rather it just be removed though ? X

  • Thinking 'worst case' isn't always a bad thing. It's my coping mechanism too, it means anything else is a bonus and that you're prepared if worst case does happen. And I figure the likelihood of your scan giving you any definitive answer is pretty slim anyway. You'll need more investigative stuff and more consultations anyway. Do ask those questions about your Epilepsy pills.

    Try going Gluten-free for your weight, it's become so much easier (although pricey) to do lately with Tesco's doing a big push in Gluten-free merchandise. It was a dramatic fall in weight for me after about 8 weeks.

    Good luck xxxx

  • I rang the doctors yesterday for scan results doctor has put not normal but put pathalogical on it .. What an earth does this mean ... Didn't request to see me either about the cyst which is large so I am there tomorrow !! To see if I can have it removed .. Worried what he means by pathological .. Does anyone know!! Or even had this :( .. I'm worried :( 💔

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