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Second Ultrasound and been told I have PCOS

Just come back from second ultrasound, and been told that I have Polycystic Overies. The cyst that was there has now gone, it was haemorrhagic cyst at my last scan. I was told to make an appointment to go back and speak to my doctor regarding the results, what can I expect? Also the sonographer asked how many children I had, thought that was a bit of a odd question any idea why?


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Hi, ive previously been told and asked the same thing, but the reason to why i knew was because i hadnt received a period for over 7months which was quiet unusual for me and had a few of the other symptoms my next step after finding out that i had pcos is seeing a gynecologist and putting me on a hormone tablet to try and kick start a period to start fertilizing , as to why he asked if you have children could be that it shows your body is still making eggs, hope this doesnt confuse you but only helps x


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