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Reposted this for advice. Feel like I'm getting nowhere :(

Hi guys, I have recently been diagnosed with this and to be honest I'm scared and confused, nothing has properly been explained to me and when trying to find out more information from my doctor's - I found he had left the surgery! So now I have to speak with a doctor I hardley know.

I'm 23 and the last time I had a period was around the age of 13, so they gave me the pill to try set it off and it worked! But when I came off the pill to try and conceive with my partner I completely stopped again. I have been given metformin as I am overweight but apparently this is one of the symptoms and I find it hard to lose weight, I take the metformin for a period of time but stop because I feel like I'm getting nowhere! I'm scared I won't ever be able to ever conceive. I also hear about weight loss tablets that can also help conceive and I honestly have been very tempted!

Has anybody else had this problem? If not, any advice? I feel really low at times.

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would you be able to ask for a gyne referral from your gp? There are drugs that can increase ovulation. Don't give up yet! Perhaps it's keeping a diary and feeding back to the doctors and pushing for a referral. Loosing weight will help ( I know i'ts hard!) but it i'm told does help with conceiving and some doctors will only prescribe the drugs to help ovulation when weight is lost or a BMI achieved but this is on a person by person basis. don't give up yet though!

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