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PCOS & clomid

My first cycle of clomid didn't work, I have PCOS & anovulation so my periods are really irregular. I was due on 2 weeks ago but still waiting (I'm def not preg) can I still be fertile even though I haven't had my period yet? I use an app called Ovia and it tells me I'm in my fertile window even though I haven't had this months period is this right? Feeling a bit down about it all :( Thanks in advance for any advice xx

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Sending you a hug. Sometimes our cycles can take time to settle. Take time to get to know your body: you can usually gauge when your body has released an egg or when you are due. Your body will throw out signals. All the apps do is help you become aware of what these are.


Thankyou for your reply :) about to start the second cycle of clomid


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