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My Story: Micropolycystic Ovaries & Dianette / Diane 35

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you my story with micropolycystic ovaries.

I was diagnosed when I was 15 years old, only 2 years after my first period. My mother took me to see a doctor because I had various symptoms around my cycles - my periods were far from regular and very painful. The doctor sent me to an ovarian ultrasound and some blood test. The ultrasound showed micro cysts and the blood test showed excessive androgen hormones - scary!

At the time I remember I was given 2 choices. First, take a contraceptive pill (dianette / Diabe 35) that would block the hormones while also "fixing" my painful periods. Second, take a pill that would simply block the masculine hormones and see how all the symptoms would develop...

I picked the first option and started taking a contraceptive pill years before even thinking about sex. At the time I was terrified of the idea of my friends and colleagues knowing, because they would not understand...Well, it worked wonders on my symptoms and took dianette / Diabe 35 for 4 years. I only stopped taking it because I did another ultrasound that showed no cysts and my doctor wanted to try moving me to a lower hormonal dose. To be honest I also wanted to stop as I could notice some thick veins on my legs and I though it could be a side effect of the dianette / Diabe 35.

When I stopped taking it I did not have a period (amenorrhea!) for 11 months (wasn't too bad actually! haha). When I finally went to see my doctor she prescribed a hormone "bomb" to get my cycle started again. As far as I remember, the medicine was to women trying to get pregnant. It worked fine and I started having more regular periods after that.

I did not take any other pill since and I have been fine! Hopefully micro cyst free!?

Anyone else took or takes dianette / Diabe 35?

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Amazing! Thanks for sharing that with the community :)


Hi I'm 15 and I have irregular periods since 12 I am overweight not obese and I all ways new something is wrong until today I had a period this morning and now it's gone so I searched it and I think I have it I just wanted to know what was it like when you first go to the doctors what did they do because I'm scared


I was put on Diane 35 for 5 years to deal with amenorrhea following a spell of being anorexic as a teenager. Do you think it's connected to endo?


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