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Are people with rare blood groups more prone to this type of condition?

I know it seems like an odd question, but when I was having cyclo treatment for vasculitis, I noticed several rheumatoid arthritis patients being treated at the same time had quite rare blood groups and I remember reading somewhere that certain disorders can be related to your blood group.

I'm AB negative which is quite rare.

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Hi Karen

I've never thought of that before and I haven't read anything to that effect. To tell the truth I don't know what my blood group is, I'll have to find out. I do know that my brother has a rare blood group and he, like me, has myxodema (under active thyroid).


Thanks Patricia

I was just curious to see if there is a relationship. I have underactive thyroid too.


Interesting question I am rhesus D+ which is relatively rare, I have done a lot of reading about vasculitis over the last 2 year and have never seen any reference to predisposition of any given blood group.

Our daughter is a haematologist and I am sure she would have mentioned this connection, had there been one.


i am rhesus negative, not sure which group but one of the rare ones where you are supposed to carry a card in case you need a transfusion, unfortunatly in the 40 or so years since i was given the card i have lost it


I'd really love to know if anyone else has a rare blood group, I tried to find the original info so I could add it on here, I'm still looking and will post it as soon as I find it. It referred to several conditions not just vasculitis.


I have WG, and I'm O+. As far as I know that's one of the most common blood groups :-)


I guess that blows my theory out of the water. :)

Thanks Emma


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