Need Help for a 19 year old girl

I have a friend who lives in Poland she is 19 years old at this moment she is constantly in and out of hospital. the doctors have given up on treating her. The confirmed illness is autoimmune Systemic Vasculitis. We are trying to find a doctor here in uk who maybe could have a look at her case and see if there is anything else we could do for her. At this moment she is on constant dialysis minimum 3 times a week, she has got problems with eyes ,lungs (coughing blood), for some reason which the polish doctors cant explain her skin is dies her clothes in blue colour if she takes bath the water is blue. At this moment she's been treated to Plasmapheresis which is helping only for a week. if anyone could give me a contact to someone who could be interested in looking into this case please let me know.

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  • Hi Gosh my heart goes out to her. I suggest you e-mail John and Susan Mills privately. They have contacts within the UK medical community. I hope they will be able to suggest someone. Best wishes,


  • Thanks Jann.. John is responding to an email now x

  • I will send you a private message.. Kate..


  • i will share on facebook in my Vascultis group.

  • Hope you received John's email Kate he replied to yours take care


  • Yes thank you very much for your help. This girls brother is my very best friend and that's why it is so important to me and to her to help. Her family is collecting all the paperwork and we will be contacting with dr.Jayne as soon as I get all the latest resoults. Thank you for your help again and God bless u.

  • Nothing that I can add, to the above, except, I send you and her my love, prayers and best wishes.


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