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Toenail Fungus Treatments

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Dear All,

like a lot of us, who are Immune Suppressed, I get Toe Nail Fungus which causes both 'discolouration', and 'toughness' of the nail. My Dermatologist isn't too 'worried', about it, but it is beginning to spread to other nails. Can anyone Recommend a Topical Treatment, that has 'worked' for them please?

I have ANCA Vasculitis, have had a Kidney Transplant- way back in July 2013- and am on a Cocktail of Drugs, to both prevent Rejection and control my Vasculitis. I know that this IS 'Quite An Ask' but any advice, anyone can give me, would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Hello Andrew T, I posted the same question about 9 years ago. Unfortunately, this is one of those extra things we can expect when on immunosuppressants. The general treatment is to keep your feet clean and applyTerbinafine hydrochloride cream to the nails daily. Since the fungal affection is akin to Athletes foot it is also advisable to apply it between your toes and on the sole and heel of the foot. In regards taking Terbinafine tablets there is a contra-indication in regards liver damage, I note that you are taking Prednisolone which can also affect your liver. NB. The cream alone may not be fully effective and the tablets could help clear the infection in about 8 weeks. In this case you should confer with your consultant and GP if it is safe to do so.

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AndrewT in reply to Lone-wolf

Dear Lone-wolf,

Thank you, for your reply, I Will speak to my Consultant as soon as I reasonably can. I Am aware that this is a 'Tricky' question, rather like the infamous Chicken & Egg. As regards the tablets, I will have to be especially careful..... but, once again

Many thanks


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I have had problems with my nails on my big toes for years . Just before l was diagnosed l went to have laser treatment on my toe nails . After a few times the big nail turned blue , the treatment was discontinued . However the fungal never spread after that and the nail became thin and easy to cut . Five years later the fungal is generally under control . Sorry this might not be of much help , it’s possible with your diagnosis the treatment might be refused , but it’s worth a try .

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AndrewT in reply to artists

Dear artists,

I haven't ever 'heard' of this Laser Treatment, if it's not a 'silly question', can you be a bit more Specific about it please? Is it 'just' a Laser 'fired' at your toe or is a more complex Treatment? Sorry for the questions but, if I have to ask my Consultant- who might NOT be Familiar with it.......

Thank you, once again artists.


Yes that is more or less what it is . I went to a clinic in Ipswich , I get the impression you live near by ?

I have this problem and use amorolfine topical nail lacquer available in the UK for over-the-counter . It takes a long time,I have been using it for 6 months now and there is a definite improvement. Informative article here from Pharmaceutical Journal. The GP offered me tablets but I did not want to take any more meds on top of what I am taking.

I have the same vasculitis as you and also had toenail fungus. It was cleared by using Scholl's anti fungal treatment - available OTC or online and not too expensive. It took many months, mainly because you have to let the affected nail grow out completely.

I saw reports of an over the counter success against toenail fungus years ago but since I wasn't having the problem, promptly forgot. In the last year, I have become aware that I do have the fungus. By lucky chance someone on another forum posted the "cure" just when I knew for sure I needed something. Vicks Vapo Rub. I have only used it for a couple of months but it has done the job. Now, I have taken a few days off of it and the fungus is creeping back. Maybe not a cure but the best I've got for now. I mentioned this to my Dermatologist and she smiled and acknowledged that it sometimes works. Something to do with the thymol oil in it.

I hope you find your cure!

I'll certainly give this a 'Try', thank you.


Hi , I have tried everything & I haven’t found anything that’s worked for me , I wrapped my nails in cling film with a cream I’ve scraped them every night &?treated for a month .

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