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How dangerous is to be in contact with someone suffering from TB?

I have lost my brother just a month ago and the doctors said he might have had tuberculosis.He died just the day they were going to test him for the bacteria.I visited him at the hospital the day before he died and on the day he died.

I am really worried that I might have caught the bacteria.I can't sleep just thinking what will happen to me.What should I do?

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Hi Vieon. I'm so sorry to hear of your sad loss and I'm sure things must be pretty tough for you at the moment. I think the best thing to help ease your fears is to see your doctor asap and get your bloods tested. I'd ask for a TB test and a full blood screen so that if there is any sign of an infection it can be treated quickly although I suspect the risk is quite small unless you are severely immune suppressed.

V-UK Chairman, John may well be able to better advise as he has clinical experience from his days as a dentist.

Please don't hesitate to post back here or by direct message if we can be of further help and support.

Very best wishes.



Many thanks Martin, I will see my GP tomorrow.Best wishes.


As Martin has said You can be tested for TB. I suggest you contact your consultant and have the test as soon as possible. This will put your mind at rest or thye will give you treatment for it.

Please keep in touch.

take care



John and Susan, thanks a lot for answering my question, I will make an appointment to see my GP.

Best wishes.


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