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Is it dangerous to come in contact with someone suffering from TB???

I'm hoping someone can help me on this. I was diagnosed with Wegeners in 2007 and have suffered from flares in my kidneys, lungs, nose and eye. I am currently in remission but taking 1500mg of Mycophenolate mofetil daily. A close friend has just been diagnosed with TB and I was wondering if it would be dangerous for me to come in contact with him. I didn't receive any TB vaccination as a child.


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At one time TB patients were hospitalised for long periods. I believe, but I may be wrong, that modern drug regimes mean that TB patients are now treated in the community. With MMF, like all the immune suppressing drugs, you are more at risk of infection taking hold, and that's the last thing you need. We are told to keep away from those with flu, shingles etc., and logic says that probably the same will apply to patients with TB.

You say you weren't vaccinated as a child. In your shoes I would steer clear, and explain the reasons why to your friend. Perhaps a word with your GP or consultant to make sure of the action required might ease your mind.

I hope you friend is successfully treated.



I think Pat's advice is excellent, especially as there's evidence that some strains of TB are proving to be resistant to anti-bacterial drugs. I'd just add that if your GP suggests a vaccination for you now I'd check with your vasculitis consultant it's a live but weakened form of Mycobacterium bovis, (the bacterium that causes TB). I was told never to have live vaccines but this was at a time when I was heavily immunosupressed.

Healthy wishes to you and your friend.


I agree with Pat and Martin ...........check with your vasculitis consultant .. It is not a good idea to come into contact with anyone with TB.. John was also told never to have live vaccines..

take care



Thanks for the helpful answers. I talked to my consultant And he said once I do not come in direct contact with my friend I will be find.

Thanks again,



Dear Nome23,

I was warned not to come into contact with Chicken Pox specifically and 'contagious diseases' genrally. Best advice; If in doubt avoid, where possible!

Hope that this helps



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