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Has any one tried exercise for their numb feet?

I have found this on You tube.

Peripheral Neuropathy and Exercise

by greatseminarsonline

It is exercises to improve balance etc. and I just wondered if anyone else had tried it?

I think I will give it a go. Anything is worth a try. I kept tripping up while we were on holiday and my feet are worse with the car travel.

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Is this the one Hattie?


Yes. I think it looks good. What do you think?


The exercises look good. I tried them myself. :-)


Tried a bit while I was waiting for tea to cook.

Could not do the whole alphabet and had to hold on to the work surface but it must have done something 'cos my feet went hot. Will improve circulation anyway.

Will let you know how I get on after a week.


Yes do let us know how it goes :-)


Thanks Hattie

I will give this a go too. I am going to start taking pregabalin today to see if that helps aswell, I know its only to treat the symptoms but if it stops me waking up through the night with dead limbs then that will be great.

Thanks for the post



Hi Hattie

Do you also have problems with your hands aswell as feet? Peripheral nerve involvement seems quite rare and my doctors can't really give me any guidance on whether my problems will improve or not, but it as you know can be such a problem, I'm worried also about long term damage. I have numb feet that often spreads up my legs but my hands often go completely numb too and then when the feeling comes back I get very prominent pulses in my fingers and whenever I use my hands they ache and get very shaky. Is this similar to your symptoms?

Thanks for your help, I'm doing well with the alphabet exercise with my feet but haven't progressed to the other exercises yet.



I do have problems with my left hand and shoulder. But my hand has improved a lot from not being able to hold anything to now being able to type again. The tingling is still there and numbness but not as noticeable. I do think is this is because you use your hands more without thinking about it. It has not been a dramatic improvement in fact It has been so gradual that I only just realised I was using all my fingers to type again. So maybe everything will keep improving very slowly. I seems no one knows. I am trying to find out as much as I can about nerve damage as the rheumatologist seems to be only interested in the Vasculittis not the nuisance left overs.

My ring and small finger have been OK. At my worst they, took over from my other two quite unconciously. If I hadn't been in pain it would have been quite comical as I kept poking myself in the eye when I went to scratch my face! Its funny how your body adjusts by itself.

By the way do your feet feel like they are wrapped in cling film and have pebble under the soles? I struggle to find a description for the feelings or lack of, as numbness and tingling do not now feel like an adequate description.

My hands and feet only go completely numb now when they are cold( this is not circulation as such as they do not go blue) so that is a good sign. Dampness also affects the pain. Hot weather is not to good either!

How are you doing on the Pregabalin? I remember I tried Amitryptaline

twice but it made my pain worse. Maybe I did not stick with it for long enough.

I am having problems a bit at the moment but I hope this is due to the stress I feel when I have to see the consultant. I don't know why as I have confidence that I have had the right treatment and am in remission with Azathioprine I just find it hard to talk to her. I am hoping I will do better this time as I have learnt so much since March when I joined Vasculitis.


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