Hi fellow vasculiters ,

Has anyone had problems with biting their tongue whilst asleep?

I started doing this about 2 years ago and despite having a bite guard made at the orthodontist its still a problem as I have recently bitten through even that. Today I had a biopsy taken from my tongue as a suspicious looking lump has appeared in the same area as that which I bite.

My original diagnosis was GCA but recently I have been treated for autoimmune hearing loss, treated again successfully with high dose prenisolone. I would not have thought there was any connection between the tongue biting and vasculitis but I have read so many bizarre things about this disease I thought I would ask the question.

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  • Yes i have been doing that lately ,very painful! I have css, was thinking its stress ?

  • I was alarmed when a thorough dentist I went to was concerned about a white patch on my cheek and referred me to a specialist to rule out cancer. I waited three months and tho my research made me feel it was highly unlikely it was troubling. When I saw the specialist she did X-ray n stuff n my heart raced a bit when she called me in- she said ' you are wearing a hole in your cheek with grinding your teeth in your sleep!' I wanted to hug her ! Apparently this kind of thing grinding teeth biting tongue or lips is often a sign of suppressed stress. That is some bite if you bit through the guard! Is the lump sore or painful in some other way (before the biopsy!) hard or soft , white or dark or tongue colour and how long has it been around and during that time has it got bigger gradually or appear suddenly?

  • Hi Pink Tiger and kujude, This lump has been around for 3 to 4 months, was soft at first but became solid and started to hurt about 4 weeks ago, white in colour. Test result should be available in 2 weeks time Fingers and toes crossed !

  • From what I understood from the research I did in the three months of worrying ' white ' is very annoying because it is mostly benign damage like my white patch but can be indication of something of concern more so than purple or red if you get me.That is why they test it to rule the nasties out! It's usually nothing! Hope that's the case for you- in fact it would be just typical for it to disappear a couple of days before or after you get the results!!! Not sure which is more annoying!!

  • At the moment I can't wait for the stitches to dissolve. My tongue feels like a golf ball.and I can only consume liquids. The pain of the needle going in will remain with me for a long time! Will let you know when my results come out. Thanks for your interest.

  • I was thinking earlier that a biopsy on the tongue must be horrible- I had 3 biopsy punches on my leg on Monday which was uncomfortable as are the stitches - but on your tongue!! Don't envy you at all! Are you biting it less at the moment??!!!

  • Thankfully yes!

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