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coughing up specks of blood

i have wg which afeected my kidneys ,had loads of scans on lungs and have been told they are clear.however have real problems with breathing and coughs,

a couple of months back i coughed up a few specks of blood ,nothing mayor ,and my consultant said it was probably strain of coughing,but last 2 days had the same,its like brown specks of blood,dont know whether to ggo to hospital with it

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I should get the problem checked is better to be safe than sorry.If it is the WG it can cause damage quite quickly and if it is not then you can relax a little. Never feel you are a bother to the consultant, it is your body and you have to feel comfortable, in control and happy with the way your treatment is going. let us know how things go

John and Susan


This was one of the first symptons I had of WG, I would get it checked out ASAP.


Hi definitely go to get it checked out. My husband was diagnosed with WG in November, it affected his kidneys only we were told...... In January we were told he was in remission,then in February he got a cough and ended up in hospital after coughing up blood. He had a pulmonary heamorrhage two blood transfusion, a course of ten plasma exchanges and is back on Cyclo. He has now been re diagnosed as having WG presenting as Goodpastures syndrome. I do not mean to scare you but things can change very quickly, we have now learnt to shout very loudly so we get heard by the people that need to know. My husband has lost most of his kidney function and is dialysis dependent and is to go on the transplant list when his condition allows! Just don't allow yourself to be fobbed off! My husband now has full bloods done three times a week whilstbon dialysis and his consultant keeps a much more keen interest in his condition....... Slightly guilty I think!


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