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Questions after infusion of anticlonal antibodies - can you help?

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I'm hoping someone in my situation can give me some information!

How safe am I to go out and about (within reason) - I was CEV. I have had 4 jabs, none gave me any antibodies. (Yes, tested.) A few weeks ago I caught Covid despite being super careful. As I was on an NHS priority treatment pathway I was given an infusion of Sotrovimab anticlonal antibodies in hospital. (I couldn't take the oral treatment as I'm on thyroxine for an underactive thyroid and it interacts BADLY with Paxlovid.

The nurse said I'd have a few weeks with protection and if I caught it again they would repeat the dosage.

(BTW I am so grateful as I was very poorly for two weeks and without the infusion would have ended up in hospital...).

FYI I am on 1.5grams mycophenalate & 10mg pred daily.

SO where am I now? Confused. Being careful but not sure how careful I should be - am I like a fully vaccinated person? Or not?

Well, if you make any sense of this let me know what you have heard or think!

Many thanks -

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I'm fully vaccinated - I'm still being careful. And that means FFP2 masks which were compulsory until this week here in Italy. Still compulsory on public transport and to get into the hospital - but I wear mine anyway. It's got me this far.

That’s an interesting question that I am not sure if anyone knows the answer.

My OH also received an antiviral infusion and we still are very careful . Wear FFP2 masks indoors , risk assess areas etc. before going anywhere.

We were extremely grateful to receive the treatment but are continuing to be careful and cautious.

I also had Covid but recovered quickly, he took 4/5 weeks to recover.

Will be interested to see if anyone else knows the answer.

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Jjoy in reply to Main1234

Thank you for this reply - I'm 4 weeks post infection - took three to test negative - and just starting to feel my 'old' self again. I've decided to be cautious but I have to get out more. Always masked, etc. I wish you both good luck!

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Main1234 in reply to Jjoy

Interesting that it took you 3 weeks to test negative same as my OH .

After a routine blood test his white cell count was lower than usual this I’m pleased to say has resolved.

We are glad it’s summer and are able to get outdoors.

Take care

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Jjoy in reply to Main1234

Yes, interesting. I was told by the nurse doing my infusion (at Westminster Hospital London) that it takes longer for the immunosuppressed to 'shed' the virus. Sounds right! Yes, let's take advantage of the nice weather...

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Nap1 in reply to Jjoy

I had to take monoclonal antibodies but still mask up indoors and stay out of crowded places. We can never be too sure.

I had Covid in November and was still positive in April, now negative 🙃

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Main1234 in reply to Fleen

Did you receive the antivirals? Hope you have now recovered , that’s certainly a long time to stay positive .

No, I knew nothing about the antivirals until I joined this group

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Jjoy in reply to Fleen

If you’re eligible the NHS send you a letter. Not everyone is, it depends on your level of immunosuppression.

Hi, I had sotrovimab in December for Covid. I’m on pred and methotrexate. The CMDU nurse and doctor told me that the “extra” antibodies from the drug would last for 4 weeks and the antibodies from recovering from the Covid infection itself usually last about 6 months. They took blood for antibody testing before the infusion but they never gave me the results (I chased multiple times and it seems I will never know as it’s not on my GP record and the hospital couldn’t find the results either as they were sent to a big central lab). My rheumatologist told me that I should still take reasonable precautions following the infusion as it wouldn’t stop me getting Covid again. The treatment is to try and bring your antibody levels up to the same as an otherwise healthy person who has Covid.

Hope you’re feeling better!

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