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How to get to hospital safely

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Hi, I've got a check up appointment in June at the hospital which is not a walking distance away. I do not have anybody who can drive me, taking a bus is out of the question now and I am not eligible for patient transport (and would not feel comfortable using it). I was thinking taking a taxi as a lesser evil but the cost of a trip there and back is a concern. I got a text message I should continue shielding till 30th June, going to the hospital feels like damn if I do damn if I don't kind of scenario. I know I need to go, but at the same time think if I get infected anywhere it will be there. Any advice on how I could get to the hospital safely? Can anyone share their experience of hospital check up visit since quarantine started?


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I have my clinic appointment at the hospital in July. I think they will make contact near the appointment date. I have heard they will be giving consultations over the phone.

Maybe you should contact the hospital , I'm sure they will help you .

What about the NHS volunteer service? Via the RVS helpline:

0808 196 3646 (8am to 8pm)

They may not offer transport but should be able to advise - there are screened and approved NHS volunteer drivers, have been for a long time.

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Hi, thanks for the info, I will look them up

Is it something that can be done by phone?

My appointment for June has been changed to a phone consultation


If your Doc is like mine in a lot of effort to get there for a 5 minute how are you. A

phone consultation would do. Especially if you feel fine and don't need bloods etc.

And mask up if you do and be cautious of what objects you touch en route.

Take care .

Hi, thanks, I think I will try getting a phone/video consultation if I can but they will probably ask for blood work (I refused to go to hospital to do them in April). It would be good to have the bloods done, but I am twitchy about going in. I'll see with my GP surgery (walking distance), if they would be wiling to do the tests there.

I need to go to Addenbrookes clinic in July for my last retuximab infusion then a break after 6 infusions

My hospital appointment with Addenbrookes was changed to a phone Consultation, after I requested one due to the Covid 19 outbreak, a later appointment with my local hospital ,was also changed to a phone Consultation ( at their request )

Addenbrookes sent me the paper work needed to get blood test done locally ,and as our local hospital was only doing emergency blood test,my GP surgery did the blood test. I also have blood test ( for Vasculitis ) done every 3 months locally, And my local Consultant has written to my GP requesting that these blood test are done at the surgery for the time being..

Hope this helps.

Hi, thanks, I was hoping this is something I might arrange with my GP surgery, the luck would have it I changed surgeries on 17th March so I had no idea if this was possible.

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