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Does anyone know how to get a BT master socket moved?

Ok, it doesn't sound much like a Vasculitis problem, but it is. Sort of.

We've had to change broadband provider from a local company to a big national one, and can only site their equipment at the main socket which is by the head of my bed. So now I sleep next to the router, the phone, an array of electric plugs, and a gadget to magnify the signal, several of which wink and blink all night. Oh, and there are all the leads to step over! I'm still on steroids so don't sleep well at any time and this is driving me mad. Also, irrational though it may be, I'm worried about all that going on and possibly not helping my Vasculitis.

I've spent two days trying to find out who to contact to get the socket moved...we can't just run an extra lead as it would have to go through our bathroom. Does anyone know of any way of actually talking to a human who might DO something?

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Ours is not plugged into the main socket but a socket on the landing


That would be fine if we could find someone who could fit an extra socket. I gave up the battle this evening with a splitting headache.

So far, when I finally managed an MSN chat with BT they told me it was not their problem but Openreaches. Long work on the Openreach website (no phone number, not even an MSN chat) sent me to our provider. They did talk to me...but it's not their problem and they sent me back to BT. It must be possible to move a small piece of plastic and some wires without all this stress.


BT engineering will come & move the main incoming socket. They will take it from the pole or wherever it attaches to your property and take the line into the house wherever you want it. I think when I had it done about a year ago, it cost me about £150, might have been less. It was no problem.


Just read your comments Bronte, I rang BT and their engineering services logged it as a job. Openreach do the job.


Thank you, nadine99, I love that it sounds so straightforward...but it really hasn't been. I think it's OK of you pay BT, but I've spent the last hour talking to BT engineering (who do at least let you have a phone number) who sent me back to vodafone, who sent me back to BT etc, etc. Kafka should be writing now. I'll let you know if I ever get there!

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Several more phone calls, one serious sense of humour failure and I finally have an appointment with BT. It's on December 23, and my first attempt to get anything done was on October 7th. I'll let you know if anyone actually turns up!!


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