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Benefits of THC and CBD marijuana for GPA Vasculitis


My wife has been using medical marijuana in THC and CBD form for about a year for maintenance with gpa vasculitis and it has controlled her illness very well where other drugs like azathioprine made her very sick. It is a godsend, and her physician is very surprised. It makes sense, because marijuana kills B cells and controls errant T cells which attack the body and cause the destructive inflammation with this illness. Medical use of CBD and THC are legal where we live.

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Hi Assist 2,

Medical marijuana and CBD is legal where I live too. I find that it's difficult to determine how much to ingest and when; there really is no guidance on this point ; I found that it does kill pain and anxiety; however, the trade off is feeling stoned and and lazy for lack of a better word

when I would like to be motivated and functional.

How does your wife manage this issue? What exactly are her improvements physically? Would appreciate your response to these questions? ie. can she work, accomplish tasks of ADL while using? Strains favored?,I support the right to have access to it, but the reality is that until the Fed govt reschedules it, there is little to no verified research that has been done. I am in no way against it, but it comes with no direction and most of what is known is anecdotal.


She uses just CBD during the day (3 10 mg capsules spaced out through the day). She used one 10 mg indica (the calming kind of THC) at night. It also helps her sleep. You can take a CBD with the THC to reduce hallucinatory effects. Her vasculitis symptoms are totally in remission, kidney gfr is close to normal and kidney damage was the major problem. Her other pains are mostly gone, and her skin purpura are mostly gone. Her ANCA blood test indicators are gone.

The dosing is hard to figure out at first, and you get used to the effect of the marijuana you can tolerate. She is fully functional and clear. She writes books.


Am very happy for your wife. Like all meds, people react differently. Is she taking steroids also, or other immunosuppressants?

I tried CBD oil for several months, elevating the amount of THC each month. My kidney function (GFR and creatinine) remained stable, as did my other blood work. It’s been stable for a couple of years. However, there was no improvement. I also live in a state where marijuana is legal, but have found no solid research on autoimmune diseases or kidney disease as a result of CBD use. I have tried straight CBD and CBD that includes the THC. I need to see some valid research on this because I would welcome anything that would result in improvement.

Hi Halebopp,

The reality is that there is no research; I believe the feds are ready to take marijuana off the banned substances list soon which will lead to funding for research;, it will be a long time before we know the pros and cons; another thing that I often think about in legal medical marijuana states is the profit motive, and the enormous business CBD companies are earning.

Before any conclusions can be drawn, there must be double blind studies for various ailments and symptoms, and that is not available. I think if an individual is finding relief, it's wonderful and they should be able to use it, but we can't draw conclusions from individual anecdotes.

Exactly - and that’s why I stopped taking CBD oil. It’s expensive & I felt like I was experimenting on myself. I’m in stage 3 CKD and have been stable for at least a couple of years, but there were definitely no improvements with CBD. My doctors are at a teaching hospital and they all know I was taking CBD oil. They neither encouraged nor discouraged me. The most one or two of them said was they would like to see funding come through so real research can be achieved.

Curious: How long has your wife suffered with vasculitis, and what treatments besides Azanthopine did she undergo before using cbd/thc?

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