I'm ill and can't get benefits

I'm ill and can't get benefits

5 years ago I lost my husband to Brian hemorrhage I was left his pension from a job he retired from due to ill health 11 years before death I ended up with half of his pension now I did not think I had to declare it so I didn't I was on employment and support allowance which has now been stop and my housing benefit because they found out I was getting my late husbands pension through my tax codes I have been very I'll for years so I need the benefits to help me for that reason. I think I can retire early due to ill health but don't know how to go about it and will I get help ? This all is making my illness much worse but no one seems to care .

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  • Hello there, you don't actually say what your illness is and how it manifests itself. What type of Vasculitis do you have?

  • Survere depression,diabetes,cronic back pain,high blood pressure,alcoholism for 30 years now in recovery,anxiety,panic attacks.

  • Do you have Vasculitis at all or did your husband?

  • No !

  • If you write to Vicky at Vasculitis UK . Vicky@vasculitis.org.uk she will help with some information and advice. Or you can contact her through this page on the website anneandy. Sadly others have been caught out this way before. vasculitis.org.uk/living-wi...

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