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Stay positive and you can get though it


In 1999 I came down with Cerebral Vasculitis. Can’t remember the level of the medications that I originally was on but it was a high dose of Prednisolone and Cyclophosphamide and Valproate. Together with the symptoms that caused Seizures, Short Term Memory Loss, Concentration and Spatial Awareness and the side effects of the medications, Prednisolone changing my personality and caused confusion and Cyclophosphamide has side effects which my neurologist told me about when I was first diagnosed but had no choice other than take them and that was it causes sterility and may cause cancer.

Due to the symptoms of the CNS Vasculitis and the side effects of the medications I had to leave my employment and then I came down with Testical Cancer, Bladder and Bowell Cancer. I’ve gotten through all and after 5 unsuccessful IVF’s adopted 2 children. I still have the occasional seizure which is only due to missing a dose of Valpro and Lamotrigine and have quarterly Colonoscopies and Cystoscopies purely for checkups. So never give up you can get through anything.

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That’s an amazing post Phil - so very inspiring.

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