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How long rituxmab 500mg works and what is the second infusion expected time


My mother 43 yrs old diagnosed with sle fortunately any organ is not damaged.she completed first infusion with no infusion.how long it works and what is the expected time of next dose.and tell me whether she has to use predisonel 10 mg daily.please inform me as soon as possible.how long the sle patient can survive

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I suspect you may have posted this in the wrong place, SLE is Lupus, not Vasculitis.

There is an active Lupus forum on Health Unlocked if you want to try there.

To be honest I suspect it's only your Mothers Consultant that can answer your questions as they are very clinical and specific.


I also suffer from GPA and just finished my first infusion of Retoximal , mostly have the same symptoms of your mother. I also had chemotherapy but failed to achieve remission. Been on high doses of steroids blotted face ect. Hopefully this drug will achieve remission. Good luck lorraine


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