What diet changes could you suggest, I have Vasculitis SLE

I was diagnosed with Vasculitis SLE in July of this year, and I was put on Cyclophosphamine and I am presently taking 100 mg with Dapsone. I began Prednisone at 60 mg and I am presently down to 25 mg, I have changed my diet, eliminated most sugars and processed foods. My Rheumy didn't think I needed to concern myself with worrying about what I needed to eat. I was at the doorstep of death so I assumed she was just trying to keep me from stressing. I have regained my strength and I am looking forward to my future.Please let me know if you have any suggestion about diet changes.

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  • I think eating a healthy balanced diet is important but wouldn't eliminate any food groups from your diet unless you had an intolerance.

    Lupus uk produce a leaflet on lupus and diet. I think it's available online. St Thomas's Hospital did some research which suggested a low GI diet may help.

  • There is a page on the website that might be helpful vasculitis.org.uk/living-wi... also in a previous newsletter pages 11 and 12 vasculitis.org.uk/content/d...

  • I personally think diet plays a HUGE part of how you feel, how you heal and how you progress with (not just) this disease. I amended how I ate and felt the difference immediately. This area of "self help" is routinely ignored by health professionals who should know better quite frankly. I am quite happy to answer questions privately should you want any further info.

  • Thank you to all that responded to my post

  • I recommend eating whole organic vegetables, quinoa, brown rices, millet, vege juices and nothing processed, no potato chips, no fast foods, no sugars of any kind, no honey, no caffiene, no alcohol, no dairy products and no gluten (I am was also a vegetarian, but now vegan) also fresh herbs for seasonings, stevia to sweeten, peppermint teas, unheated olive oil after cooking (as toxic when heated to much), coconut oil, 8 glasses of pure clean water every single day, probiotics, digestive enzymes. I also detoxed initially to get rid of the toxic drugs from my body.

    I went to a Naturopathic Doctor for this illness and I did the above as well as exercised as much as I could and stay positive about life and I have been able to live without all drugs except a rescue inhaler since November, 2007 and I was supposed to die. Good luck. It was life and death for me and I was serious and I still am serious about what I ingest and it has all been worth it, because I feel good now.

  • Thank you lillylangtree for your response, I consider your post a divine connection because I am presently trying to decide if I am going to take a maintenance drug. I was on cyclophosphamine since August of 2013 and I stopped using it during December (Dec 13) because I was taking an antibiotic for a sinus infection. I decided to discontinue using it because I felt so much better. I am presently at 12 mg of Prednisone and my Rheumatologist wants me to start the maintenance drug. I am on a fairly simple diet that incorporates foods that fight inflammation like purple cabbage. My most recent blood work shows my ESR rate down to 28 from 109 over the last 6 months. My lung specialist has said that my lungs are stable because they were my initial organ that was affected. How long did you take medication. Did your doctor tell you to stop or did you just decide too because your test were improved

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