What is the best way to treat the scars and marks on my very thin skin?

My arms and legs are getting covered with nasty marks that take a long time to heal, and then don't really fade as they used to. I don't even know how most of them started, but yesterday's was from a rough towel edge. I understand that it's the result of the very thin skin people get when they take prednisone for a long time. Can anyone recommend a cream or serum that might help my skin and fade the scars?

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  • Hiya, I hear that Bio Oil is supposed to be good. Also taking an Omega 3 supplement may help from the inside too! anything's worth a shot I say.

  • Yes I have also used Bio Oil and it is good... ..

  • I also have this problem. I will try Bio Oil. Thanks for the tip!

  • Hi I have scars and bruises all over my arms and legs, I am so embaressed by them I try to cover them up all the time. The worst is when they can be seen people ask me what they are, its as if I have been self harming. I have tried everything believe me, apart from wrapping myself up in cotton wool. The best thing I have found which does help but not cure is Cocoa nut butter skin therapy oil. Superdrug sell this. I think we have to accept that the prednisalone helps us but the side effects go on forever, The one good thing going is that wrinkles on the face are reduced, we just have the skin on our arms and legs of a 90 year old.!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Thank you for the suggestions. We have a Superdrug in town, and a herb shop, so I will try them. I hope the oil smells nice. A friend told me the other day that she had noticed that I was fighting this by always being colour coordinated (if very baggy!) and smelling Good. Interesting, 'cos its not deliberate. Another told me that steroids are 'Botox on the NHS', which is fine, but its also done so much wrecking....

  • I had deep pits caused by constant removal of plasters, on my tum, I was astounded by how quickly manuka honey sorted the problem.

    Happy new year


  • That sounds interesting.... And I saw some in the supermarket the other day. But how do you make sure you don't get sticky. Do you put it on a piece of bandage?

  • you don`t need a lot, just a small amount rubbed into the skin gently, maybe 2 or 3 times a day. Just rub away any surplice

    I have a colostomy, for nearly 25 years, so 25 years of removing a disc stuck on my tum, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, as you can imagine can cause problems, & the Manuka honey is the only thing I have found to work really well

    I hope you have some success with it

    Make it one of your new year wishes


  • The lady in our herb shop says that you can now get manuka honey in cream form. Not sure whether this would help you if you needed a change? She had sold out, so I'm using Bio oil at the moment. It seems to be pretty good.

    Happy New Year

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