Hearing problems from Wegeners GPA

I am wondering if anyone else has had to have grommets fitted as a result of ear damage caused by WG. I was diagnosed in June 2014 and was actually fitted with grommets before WG was even diagnosed as the cause of my problems! They didn't work for too long and since then I have had another two lots of grommets fitted but unfortunately they have come out again, and I am back to wearing hearing aids. On my last visit to ENT a doctor has now offered to fit long term grommets (T junction) for me, even though the original consultant did not recommend them as he said they could cause frequent infections. I am wondering if anyone else has experience of these and could give me some advice as to what to do. Thanks.

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  • My husband had grommets fitted for fluid after being diagnosed with WG/GPA. We were told they would work themselves out after 6 mths and they did. He says his ears always sounded as though they were picking up radio signals. He now has a hearing aid. Don't know about the T junction ones. Good luck.

  • Thanks for replying Nadine, I have a little while yet to decide.

  • I has grommet in left ear after ent specialist try different types on treatment then In 2013 was diagnosed WG it lasted for 18 months then has T tube in which came out after 6,to 9months because infection that took 8 weeks to clear ent give me the option to have another T tube or try hearing aid as would be less chance of infection I am in my tenth week with the the aid and has made a big difference if it wasn't for the bad infection it has I think I would have opted for another T tube Goods Luck

  • Oh I was hoping the T junction ones would last much longer as doc indicated a few years. Did you have to have them removed because of infection or did they fall out? I just wonder if I will cope with two hearing aids permanently. Thanks for your info Martin.

  • My Tube got pushed out by a bad infection took along time to clear then to hold in ear drum has healed over

  • Hi I have had grommets fitted in both ears due to problems with build up of fluid due to GPA. I had them first in 2004 when diagnosed. They have come out a few times so I now have long term t tubes and the last ones have been in maybe 5 years. I also wear hearing aids in both ears. I get regular infections but was told that this is something that can't be helped with the illness. One grommet has recently fallen out so I'm waiting to see what happens next. If the hole heals up I know from past experience I will be in terrible pain.

    Good luck. Sue

  • Thanks for replying Sue, this sounds a bit more encouraging. Can you tell me if you have had to take any particular care with your ears - keeping water out, or any problems flying etc.? Or anything else you think I should know. Thanks, Ann.

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