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Wegeners and diabetes

I have had wg for ten years , causing fibrosis of the lungs and chronic kidney failure. I am on rituximab.

I am now diabetic. I have looked on diabetes sites and they all seem to think they have something awful and feel very sorry for themselves.

I just took it as another problem I'd have to put up with. I am type 2 and on insulin. My levels are not wonderful but a lot better than they were.

I have always thought of the diabetes as a nuisance compared with the rough ride with wg, but I am now wondering if I should be taking it a bit more seriously. What do you think?

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Hi nannie,

I'm with you.

A lot of us have "other things" wrong with us, apart from our Vasculitis and we just get on with it. It does make me smile wryly when people with "a" problem bang on about it like it's the end of the world. However, I guess it's all relative and our issues get ranked by whatever is the biggest problem for us at the time! Just having one "problem" means others only focus on that.

You're coping with a lot, so give yourself a pat on the back for being so pragmatic. Remember it's not what happens to you, that matters, it's how you deal with it!

You (& everyone else with Vasculitis) are unique and AWSOME! :-)


Thanks BerkshireBird.

I have been to the hospital today but not much change. Thats good as it means its not worse!

I thought I would have to go back as about an hour after getting home, I managed to fall down the loft ladder! Everything is moving as it should but, oh boy am I getting stiff!

One thing they will never take away from me is my sense of humour. I am 60 going on 10.

Yes you are right , we are awesome!!!


Hi Nannie,

I've been a Diabetic since the 1980's am now on tabs and insulin and was diagnosed with Wegs last March (they nearly missed me but glad they didn't) because I want to stay here to be spiteful :)). Diabetes can complicate the Wegs (which I have named Ted for some unknown reason - perhaps is a blonde thing!) and vice versa but we have to live with these things the best we can. There is no point worrying about it as stress is no good for diabetes so I would suggest just take every day as it comes, which is what you appear to be doing and there will always be negative 'poor me' people in the World but then I suppose some cope with illness better than others. I believe whole heartedly that a sense of humour is essential and yes we are awesome too. As for taking things more seriously, well certain meds i.e. steroids will automatically up the sugar levels too so its really swings and roundabouts so try not to worry too much, I think you have a great attitude and a sense of humour with illness is essential. You've got this far so you must be doing something right, so as has been said give yourself a pat on the back and don't go climbing the loft ladder on a daily basis, unless you particularly like hospital food.

Best wishes and keep up the good fight, take care


Thanks Gerrie. I'm a bit stiff today but okay!

I am going to a face painting party thisafternoon. Not the normal Saturday entertainment for a 60 year old but I will love it!

I am hoping my husband will collect me to save me having to come home on the bus. That would be interesting!!!


Hello Nannie

I really love your attitude, I have had wg for nearly 5yrs and had steriod induced diabetes confirmed 2 yrs ago (insulin and tabs) The diabetes is just a added extra that you live with.

I have a saying act your shoe size not you age so play in soft play areas, go down big slides, enjoy nerv gun fights with my grandson oh and huge water fights in the bathroom. life is for living even if somedays it is from my chair. Keep going. And on the bad days remember the good days . Keep a mental photo album to inspire you.



Thanks Teresa, I have 12month old twin grandsons to keep me on my toes. I might not be able to crawl around the floor but we have lovely cuddles, giggles and games!

Their little faces light up when they see me, who could ask more from life than that!


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